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French expat partner, I arrived in Japan, Kobe, in November 2020, with two kids and a dog after 6 years in Minnesota (MN, USA).
I previously worked as an HR Representative for an international company for more than 10 years. Then, I was involved in various relocation support activities in MN, USA, guided by the wish to clarify and simplify the move of new French families in the USA, for a fast and effective integration into the American community.
Curious and true “gourmande”, I like cooking, baking, traveling, and discovering new places.



I arrived in Japan in November 2020 from France. This is my first expat!
I am a mother of a 5 year old little boy and married to a man who works too much.
I previously worked in logistics for 20 years, initially in transport organization services and then in the logistics management of an eco-organization.
I'm curious and talkative (as long as my level of English allows me), I like to cook, tinker and observe the world around me.

Team: L'équipe
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