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Japan, and especially Shioya area, offer so many opportunities of entertainment and leisure that you can’t be bored! Suma beach and its manta rays, Suma Rikyu Park and its thrilling chair lift, the Shioya Country Club and its tennis courts and swimming pool, etc …

Very close to Shioya, Kobe is also a cultural hub with many places to discover:  museums, gardens, theatres, night clubs, mountainous skiing resorts, tea-ceremonies, children attraction parks, music concerts, fireworks, light shows, etc …

Have a check on all these activities tested and approved by our families!

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Studio Hinata Pilates provides Boutique Private Machine Pilates session for you.

Under the Covid 19 circumstances, it is a tricky time to do exercise in the General Sports Club, Gym or Group exercise Class. However, Studio Hinata Pilates is one of safe environment to do Pilates Exercises.

Machine Pilates is one of grateful method of exercise.

Progressive springs setting will approach your small inner muscles that you never feel before rather than classic method of resistant training.

Here is example that Reformer Machine is so unique.

Client workout on lie-down on the Reformer bed do work our for 1 hour session.

End of session, you would feel differences of your feeling comparing to beginning of session.

You are not be able to see the differences dynamically in 1st or 2nd sessions however, you will see the defenses within 10 sessions for sure.

In just 10 sessions, your muscles feel stronger, your body feels more aligned, and your mind feels clear and stress-free. After 20 sessions, you may notice muscle definition and fit better into your jeans (which is always a good excuse for a new outfit!). After 30 dedicated sessions with Studio Hinata Pilates, you’ll be moving better, feeling better, and living better. Pilates will translate to the other aspects of your life, and keep you healthy and strong for years to come.


Price range 

¥18,000 Trial for 3times sessions
(conditions apply)

🌻¥8,500 for 1session ticket
(1 month expire)

🌻¥35,000 for 5 times tickets
(2 monthes expire)

🌻¥65,000 for 10times tickets
(3 monthes  expire)


202 Breath de Shioya 32-3, 4 Chome Shioya Cho, Tarumi Ku, Kobe City



booking and other info on web:

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Craft activities

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Cultural activities

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