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Looking for amazing Pilates lessons?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Find your way in Shioya tested for you the newly open Studio Hinata Pilates !

I've been hearing about Pilates for a while, but I have never tried so far. I thought it was still a new fashionable sport encouraged by the influencers of the moment.

And just between us, I feared the awful torture machines!

But when I met Noriko and her dedication to this activity, I wanted to have a trial. And I was not disappointed at all. Let me share with you why it was worth it!

A certified teacher providing private Pilates lessons in English or Japanese.

With her Japanese sense of welcome, Noriko provides pilates sessions in a very professional way

and perfectly designed for foreigners.

She has been studying Pilates since 2019 with the US basipilates organisation and teaching since

2019 for mat class (Group lesson for local people in Sydney). She also has been studying the full

Machine Pilates Course since 2020.

At the beginning of each lesson, she explains you very well the purpose of each set of exercises and the effects on your body, thanks to a skeleton.

After spending more than 15 years in Australia, Noriko is a fluent English speaker, a very well appreciated quality for most of all the foreigners who are not fluent in Japanese!

If you don’t feel comfortable exercising in front of people you don’t know or for safety reasons, don’t worry, the whole studio will be just for you! And believe me, when you are doing some weird

Pilates position, it’s a relief to know that nobody is looking at you!

All the lessons are customized, according to your goal and your body condition, so don’t be afraid

to hurt yourself.

A brand-new studio with top-quality equipment close to the Shioya station and a parking spot for those driving.

Noriko provides her Pilates sessions in a brand-new studio, with a very nice lay out and A/C, all the comfort that you are looking for!

Be sure to practice Pilates in the best conditions with the best equipment: Cadillac, WundaSpine corrector, and other props.

But even if it is very comfortable, you still need to make some efforts!

The building is close to Shioya Post office, click here for the location.

If you drive over there, you can park your car on the Studio Hinata Pilates parking spot.

It’s a 4 minutes’ walk from the Shioya Station. A nice warm up!

A complete activity good for your body and your mind with results in a few sessions!

In just 10 sessions, your muscles feel stronger, your body feels more aligned.

After 20 sessions, you may notice muscle definition and fit better into your jeans (which is always a

good excuse for a new outfit!).

After 30 dedicated sessions with Studio Hinata Pilates, you’ll be moving better, feeling better, and

living better. Pilates will keep you healthy and strong for years to come.

At the end of your session, you would feel differences of your feeling comparing to the beginning of

the session!

You must focus on your breath, your movements, and your body feelings. So, no time to think about

anything else! After 10 sessions, your mind feels clear and stress-free.

If you’re looking for a great wellness activity for your body and your mind, book a slot on Studio Hinata Pilates | Coubic.

New open prices until the end of September. Don’t wait to have a trial!

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