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Find out how to send a package from Japan


Information May 2022: Attention parcel shipments currently to Europe due to the situation.

To send a parcel or a mail the simplest is to use the Japan post services.

English is very little practiced and you have to be patient because it can take a little time because of the procedures that are not always mastered for international shipments.

There are several post offices around Shioya, here are the main ones, but there are many.

To send a package, it is mandatory to go through the Japan post website to print your already completed delivery note:

This part of this site can be translated into English.

You have to create an account and then complete the different menus:

- Sender

- Recipient

- What the package contains (detail and quantity) and its weight (closed package)

- Choose your type of shipment (different prices depending on the size and weight of the package)

- Print and sign it

- Go to any post office

- On the spot you will sign a document committing you to say that there is nothing dangerous in your package

- Pay directly to the post office (note the weight may vary on their scale and the price will therefore be different).

Tips: If you send parcels to your family or friends, do not forget to tick the GIFT box because VAT does not apply on arrival.

In some countries, even if the parcel is a gift, taxes may apply if the value of the parcel exceeds a certain amount or also for heavy goods vehicles.

Other transport services are possible, the prices can be higher but also more interesting depending on the weight

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